Participate in our program in any number of ways!

Donate game:


  • Check our "processor" page for a participating game processor near you
  • Indicate to your processor that you wish to donate your whole game to the MSAH program - there is no cost to you!
  • You can also choose to "Give a Pound" - process your game at your expense and let the processor know you would like to give a pound or two of the processed meat to our program
  • Know that your game donation stays in your area to feed the needy in your community

Donate time:

  • Send us your name, address, phone number and email address
  • We'll add you to our volunteer roster
  • MSAH always needs assistance in spreading the word about our program
  • Check to see that your neighborhood retail hunting and fishing licensee displays our MSAH material at their register
  • When purchasing a hunting or fishing license, make sure the cashier asks you if you wish to make a donation to MSAH

Donate money:

  • Your contribution by check is a tax-deductible charitable contribution
  • You can also donate to MSAH when you purchase your hunting and fishing licenses
  • Your money goes to helping maintain our network of processors and food banks

Any way you donate - game, time or money - you get the satisfaction of knowing that 100% of your contribution will go directly into programs that channel precious natural resources into opportunities for a better community!

P.O. Box 5127
Warren, MI  48090-5127